Conference management

Each event and its Organising Committee have specifically defined needs.

We provide the following services to ensure efficient and complete satisfaction of all client requirements. It is absolutely necessary for us to offer the most professional service at a reasonable rate and a mutual trust at all times.


Basic conference services:

-          Basic selection of suitable places

-          Preparation of a preliminary budget

-          Preparation of a time schedule

-          Continuous monitoring of the conference budget

-          Sponsoring (assistance with contract negotiation)

-          Double-entry bookkeeping

-          Final accounting of all realised services

-          Full personnel staff (registration personnel, hostesses, …)

-          Preparation and full administration of a website

-          Cooperation with graphics

-          Registration of participants (communication, e-mails, confirmations,…)

-          Preparation of the scientific programme (cooperation with  the Programme committee)

-          Exhibition (preparation and realisation, communication with exhibitors, exhibition stands, …)

-          Registration of scientific contributions, abstracts collection and processing)

-          Printing of conference materials (proceedings, book of abstracts, programme, invitation cards,..)

-          Conference technical equipment (data projection, photographer, translation services,…)

-          Poster sessions

-          Accommodation in the conference area

-          Transport and transfers

-          Catering services (welcome party, lunches, coffee breaks, festive diner,…)

-          Social and cultural programme, sightseeing tours

Conference in preparation

14th CRYOGENICS 2017

IIR International Conference

May 2017 / Dresden, Germany


The conference will deal with problems of the equipment and technologies where temperatures below 120 K (-153°C), as well as with other devices and technologies related to the topic.

The 14th Cryogenics 2017 is a joint Conference of IIR Commissions
A1 (Cryophysics, cryoengineering),
A2 (Liquefaction and separation of gases) and
C1 (Cryobiology, cryomedicine)


More information here.



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